Although our temperament, from time to time, may have risen to a level of conduct unbecoming state employees, we stand by our decades (four years, actually) of reasoned judgements that have established timeless precedents for those who dare to go where rascals fear to tread. Our work is done, our legacy is great, now we lay us down to sleep.

Having mashed-up our last metaphors, we respectfully leave you the final issue of Up The Enterprize. It’s a compilation of stories from the last several months and a blast or two from the past. We’ve dubbed it Omega Barada Nikto, of course. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for sharing this page on all platforms. 

We also offer a recommendation, must-reading for you and yours, if we may say.  It’s a comic satire entitled
Skubalon Storm: Secession God & Country in a Possible World. If your mom was here, she’d tell you to get it

Okay, toodle loo.

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We’re Outta Here.


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A View from Below the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprize , Legislature and Other Stuff

None, sorry.

Welcome travelers, be you employees of the Enterprize, consumers of Texas' generous bounty of services, stake drivers, legislators, or out-of-state observers in search of best practices in matters such as these. 

The UpThe crew likes beer; we’ve always liked beer. Ergo, pursuant to 44 Tex. Admin. Code § 1.066 (2018) we’ve decided to accept lifetime appointments as former-writers of Up The Enterprize.

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