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“Exactly!” stated TDCJ Executive Director Brad Livingston. “Incarceration doesn’t work anymore! We need to transfer our inmates to Texas community-based homes with services provided by Superior StealthPlan, or another managed-care company we can billions of dollars to.

“It’s a win-win,” said Jamie Somebody, “Superior StealthPlan wins and Texas Association of Health Scams wins!”

TDCJ’s innovative strategy is based on the recent Dallas Morning News investigative report showing that Superior StealthPlan – the best managed-care contractor in the State of Texas – has failed countless disabled adults and sick children who can’t advocate for themselves, denying them access to wheelchairs, psychiatric drugs, doctors’ appointments and life-saving medical equipment. In short, they’re treated like criminals.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) announced today that it will close its prison facilities statewide and immediately adopt the Texas HHSC managed-care model as its method of punishment for Texas’ most dangerous convicts.

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice Adopts

HHSC Managed-care Model to Punish Inmates

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“The State of Texas managed-care program is a model program for providing prisoners the punishment they deserve,” Jamie Somebody, of the Texas Association of Health Scams, said in a written statement.

Legislators questioning Livingston’s approach suggest that TDCJ should instead use the Texas foster care model to punish prisoners.

“We need to let murders, terrorists and jaywalkers know that if you break the law in Texas, you will pay a terrible price,” one senator said after not reading Texas Foster Care System Analysis and Recommendations. “Foster care is the perfect way to do that.”

“I disagree with U.S. District Judge Jack’s ruling that the foster care system is broken and I thank God Almighty, who protects the vulnerable children of Texas, that Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an appeal!”

​“We must halt any foster care reforms immediately,” the senator said. “I support and trust A.G. Paxton to do just that! I only wish that I’d gotten in on some of his securities deals back in 2015.”

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Prisoner arrives at Superior StealthPlan for

convict-centered intake meeting.

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