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Since the TWC tweet was tweeted, it has been confirmed that 1) Governor Greg Abbott still likes Ken Paxton and 2) “Love ya, Larry” is how TWC signs all of its official tweets. Other than that, we don’t have a clue who “Larry” is. More ...

Welcome travelers, be you employees of the Enterprize, consumers of Texas' generous bounty of services, stake drivers, legislators, or out-of-state observers in search of best practices in matters such as these. 

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“We’re moving forward,” Carrie Williams, HHSC spokesperson yawned. “The departure of our beloved Executive Commissioner (E.C.) Smith presents opportunities to – blah, blah, blah.” Williams glanced at her notes to make sure they weren’t those of one of the dozen other senior HHSC executives who have resigned over the last year.

“Be assured that the Human Resources Division is adhering to HHSC’s That’s Just Great, We have to Hire Another Executive Commissioner manual,” Williams said. “We wish former E.C. Smith well, and are comforted to know that he’ll have no problem doubling his measly HHSC salary of $266K working for an consulting firm with better elevators and fewer rats.”

A.G. Paxton to Receive
Unemployment Insurance

in Prison

​​love me.

Search for
Future Former-Executive Commissioner Begins

While reading a super-confidential public tweet from the Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Insurance Division (UI), Attorney General Ken Paxton learned that he would receive unemployment insurance payments while in prison for securities fraud. UpThe’s Russian reporter located this tweet on the Inter-what: 

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