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A.G. Paxton to Receive
Unemployment Insurance Payments
in Prison (con't.)

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Search for Future Former-Executive Commissioner Begins (con't)

In July 2015, following a complaint by allegedly-swindled investors Joel Hochberg and Republican Texas House Representative Byron Cook, the innocent Mr. Paxton was indicted by a Texas grand jury on felony charges and failing to register properly with the Texas state securities board. Mr. Paxton asserts that he should not be required to register with the state securities board because his Collin County residence has a state-of-the-art monitoring system and lots of cameras and alarms.

The trial has been pushed back twice because of pretrial disputes, first over the venue, then the judge, and then the maid forgot to take the dry cleaning in and he didn’t have anything to wear.  

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On the podium with Williams were former state Sen. Tommy Williams, who probably won’t mind the $266K, and Chief Deputy E.C. Cecile Erwin Young, both with the steely-eyed confidence of Alexander Haig after Reagan was shot (Google it.) Sen. Williams will lead HHSC on an interim basis, as opposed to Young who’s only been working in health and human services policy, programs and budgeting for 30 years.

The room hushed as former E.C. Smith approached the podium. "After nearly 30 years of service, it has been truly an honor. There is no higher calling than helping people in need," Smith said. “Wait. What?”

Confused, Smith glanced at his notes to make sure they weren’t those of former E.C. Kyle Janek, who resigned 18 months ago.