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A View from Below the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprize , Legislature and Other Stuff

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Write a  caption to this picture and email it to The top five submitters of captions  that are  remotely humourous, or just  plain dark, will receive an autographed copy of  Y.Y. Redates’ upcoming novel Skubalon Storm: Secession, God and Country in Post-Veracity America.

Btw, we’ve checked with  Interim HHSC E.C. Tommy Williams and TWC Executive Director Larry on this; no worries, go ahead and use your state-issued computer and/or cell phone for this activity.​

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Games and Prizes! Games and Prizes! 

Games and Prizes! 

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No, you don't have to get naked!  All you have to do is correctly name any six people appearing in the top banner of the UpThe website and we'll put your picture in the banner for a whole week. What an honor! Or, we'll put up your boss's picture, or Clarence Darrow's, or whoever's picture you want. 

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