Up The Enterprize (UpThe) is a bi-anonymous, satirical rag on the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprize system and the Texas Legislature, with actual subscribers and millions of Twitter followers one day.

UpThe is good, clean fun produced by one or more individuals who work in the bowels of the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprize system. We write UpThe because we see Enterprize bowel stuff all day long and cannot help but offer comment and reflection.  UpThe publishes an issue every few months - give or take a year - and generally updates its website after the lawn is mowed. Our heroes are Mister Rogers, Karl Marx and his grandson, Groucho.

We used to write this: We strongly encourage state employees not to

use state property to make copies of UpThe or do anything else that

is prohibited.

We now write this: Do whatever the hell you want. You're an adult,

not a child.  Liken your petty puppet masters to gnats and live your


Mom says it's okay to be angry sometimes.

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